How Can Occupational Therapy Help Adults on the Gold Coast?

The main job of an occupational therapist on the Gold Coast is to restore a patient’s ability to perform their daily activities and make them independent. Some of these tasks include basic activities  and instrumental activities. Basic activities include eating, bathing,using the bathroom and dressing while instrumental activities are activities like driving, volunteering and meal preparation.  In case you are having issues with basic and instrumental activities, uo can consider occupational therapy.

Ways in Which Adults Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy on the Gold Coast

Occupational therapy is meant for everyone irrespective of age. However in this section we will look at the ways in which occupational therapy can be helpful to the adults. The following are the ways in which adults on the Gold Coast can benefit from occupational therapy;

  • Improving range of motion

Some of the illnesses and conditions that most adults have including stroke, arthritis and surgery make them have issues with body movement in the joints. However, occupational therapy can help one improve their motion in the following ways;

  • Passive range of motion

During your occupational therapy session, your therapist will  help you stimulate the performance of your motion by helping you make movements on your small joint.

  • Active range of motion

This involves moving the arm or performing other movements related to the joints without using physical assistance.

  • Proper body positioning

Activities like laying down on the side or back can help one restore their full range of motion.  As one lies down, gravity reduces increasing joint mobility.

  • Decreases pain and builds strength

As one ages, their muscles become very weak making the opposite muscles to be very tight which results in a lot of pain. When you consider certain techniques for pain relief like hiking your shoulder to keep your arm near the body, you will experience muscle imbalance. This is because such techniques will make the muscles become more nightly thereby causing more weakness in your body. When you go for occupational therapy, your therapist will help you get aware of how improper body positioning can cause pain in your body,  they will also recommend techniques that will help you improve your joint movement and decrease the pain you are experiencing.

  • Acquire adaptive strategies and equipment

Most people get uncomfortable when they keep on relying on the help of another person when performing their daily activities. The main job of your occupational therapist is to help you regain your independence on your performance of normal activities. For the adults with limitations in range of motions, occupational therapists will get you adaptive strategies and adaptive equipment. Adaptive strategies will help you adapt to your current ability so that you can engage in your daily activities. Adaptive equipmention the other hand are devices that help one in performing daily activities easily and comfortably.

  • Improving visual skills

Most adults experience vision changes as they get old while others have issues like eye diseases. Others start experiencing eye problems after they undergo a stroke or brain injury. Due to this reason the field of vision creates blind spots affecting one’s ability to walk or read confidently. Fortunately, occupational therapy will teach you visual adaptive techniques like pre reading strategies and scanning which will improve your performance and experience while you read.

  • Assess your home’s safety

Occupational therapists on the Gold Coast will do all they can so that they can support your ability to remain in your home as you grow old or confront a disability or ailment. When you start occupational therapy, your therapist will take some time to assess how safe your home is.  The assessment will address safety in your home and evaluate how much clutter is obstructing your walkways, assessing whether you need adaptive equipment and the amount of lighting you may need.

Anytime you feel that you are becoming a burden to someone else  because you cannot do things independently, you can always get  the help you need from specialist Gold Coast occupational therapy services.  However, before you start occupational therapy, make sure that you have the best therapist and you have already identified your needs and goals. This way, you will  not regret ever starting occupational therapy.