Employment services for disabled: choosing the right DES provider

If you are an individual suffering from a disability you can find support to help you get ready for the job and also find secure employment with the help of this ability employment services. The DES provider what make sure that they can help you get ready for work and also offer training in specific job skills which are well suited for your current abilities. They can help you write the resume and also prepare you for interview skills for jobs which might be well suited for you. On the other hand if you already have a job the provider can help you look for specific on the job training for any kind of support that you require.


What are employment services for disabled?

First of all individuals are made to go through employment services assessments. Here they will meet with the qualified health professional who will help them understand the various kind of work and get to know their work capacity. Plus they will also help them find the right kind of employment service provider.

Another employment service for the disabled includes the supported which system. It allows employers to pay productivity based wages for people who have a disability. All those who have a current contract with the employees can be issued the supported wage system. However it is necessary that they are an Australian citizen or an Australian resident and at least 15 years of age. It is important that you have no outstanding and that you meet the criteria for receiving the disability support pension.


The importance of employment services for the disabled

It should be kept in mind at all individuals have their own set of qualities and having a diversity among the staff is important for a company. Whether it is in terms of personality and skills, it is important to allow equal opportunities to everyone who applies for a job for a job. There is a large number of people who are usually affected by health problems and might even consider themselves disabled. However it is good for the economy if these individuals are provided the same opportunities to progress ahead in their careers.

However employers can make adjustments which can cater to the disabilities in the workplace. This would mean changing the location or the pattern of the work for disabled person and making alterations in the work premises to help assistant individual. There should also be some sort of support for people with a disability.

Reasons why it is important to hire people suffering from a disability the number one being let it provides them with ample social opportunities and an income. Diversity in the workplace can help provide solutions for any sort of business challenges. Also research has proved that a company has a better retention rate for Employees with a disability especially if they feel safe in they workspace.

Make sure that you have a detailed talk with the DES provider at Busy Ability today to know more about employment services for the disabled.