Different Routes in Beauty Therapy

Choosing a career path in the beauty industry is no one size fits all. Different people have varied interests and skills which leads to different combinations and career paths. If you are keen to join the beauty industry, you are welcome to examine what career paths might interest you, then you can start to pursue what you like within the beauty industry. Here are a few career pathways in the beauty industry that might interest you:

Massage therapist

Massage therapists help relieve clients of pain and tension in their bodies through soft massaging of muscles and tissues. This will help clients relax and improve blood circulation. Common clients in a massage therapist include those afflicted with injuries during sports, those with other health conditions and those seeking to feel good and relaxed in their lives after toeing the whole day or night. There are two main different types of massage that you can offer to clients if you are a beauty therapist; these are Swedish massage and Indian head massage. To become a great massage therapist, there are certain qualities you must possess, these are communication skills – that help a beauty therapist to communicate and converse with clients and enable you to listen carefully to what clients have to say even those who cannot express how they feel correctly. Communication skills allow you to correctly judge what the client is saying before offering the services accordingly. Another must-have skill for a beauty therapist is a good understanding of human anatomy or physiology for the services you are providing to cause more good than harm. Massage therapy works better when the service provider is of a different gender from the client and vice versa. But we are not ruling out people of the same gender offering massage services.


Brow technicians

These are specialists who help clients better their eyelashes and brows. What eyelash technicians do include; eyelash tinting, eyelash extension, or eyelash lifting. Other advanced solutions a brow technician can offer include; threading, waxing and micro-blading. These options offer clients beauty treatments without make-up. Working in such a small area of the face requires precision and steady hands and keen attention to detail for better results and to prevent hurting the clients. Attention to detail enables you to achieve even results on the eyebrows because nobody would like uneven eyebrows in the first place. Brow techniques are growing in popularity and the demand for eyebrow technicians is increasing too. Choosing a career path like this one guarantees you a good workflow throughout the year which in turn guarantees you a return on investment.


Nail technician

Nail technicians help clients maintain healthy nails. They provide manicures, and pedicures and repair damaged nails. They also provide nail extensions and beautiful designs. They have the massage skills to improve blood circulation and to make their clients feel good. Women today spend more on their nails compared to other parts of the body. As a nail technician, it will pay back to be more creative, clients come for curated art and designs on their nails but the nails provide a small canvas therefore your hands must be steady.


Advanced esthetician

This involves the use of advanced technological equipment like lasers to treat hair and remove exfoliators on the face.


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